Advice for Money Changer in Indonesia

Prevent fraud with the transaction in authorized money changer

Logo Mata Uang
Logo Mata Uang

Authorized Money Changer Logo
Authorized Money Changer Logo

In Support of Indonesia’s national Anti-Money Laundering campaign, we encourage our valued foreign guests and domestic travelers to exchange their currency and traveller’s cheque at Authorized Money Changers (PVA Berizin).

For your security, PVA Berizin will ask you to provide some basic information when making a transaction. This information includes Name, Address, ID Number, and Occupation)

All PVA Berizin should display:

1. A sign board bearing the words “Pedagang Valuta Asing Berizin” or “Authorized Money Changer” and its Bank Indonesia license number

2. The PVA Berizin shield sign protected by a Bank Indonesia (BI) logo hologram

3. Exchange rates and provide their customers with a receipt

By Making your transactions only at PVA Berizin and supplying the required information, you are playing a key role in our Anti Money Laundering efforts.

We appreciate your support.

The search for an eye-catching Authorized Money Changer logo settled on Indonesia’s mythic past. Clues to a traditional “wayang” shadow puppet’s character are found in the shape of his or her head. Sri Rama (shown here) is considered the ultimate presentation of courtly manners, wisdom and bravery. That noble lineage is reflected in the distinctive shape of his eye (known as Gabahan, or Grain of Rice), a fitting centerpiece of the PVA Berizin Shield.